Custom Spiral Featherweight Reflective Leviwand

Custom Spiral Featherweight Reflective Leviwand

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Custom Spiral Mermaid Featherweight Reflective Leviwand:

All of our day wands weigh 3 ounces, are shrink wrapped and have end caps so you can enjoy your pretty wand for a long time to come! Those pretty tapes won't get exposed to any moisture or weather like other day wands on the market!

Decide if you want a short string or a long string, and whether or not you’d like some decals! If you want a specific decal shape or would like to put your name or IG handle on your wand, just write that in the “Comments” section when placing your order!

weight - 5.5 oz

  • length - 28 in / 71 cm

  • diameter - .4 in / 1cm

string length:
number of spirals:
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